Jeff Moore

Mortgage & Insurance Specialist


I have lived in Winnipeg most of my life, aside from a few years spent in Saskatchewan, and Alberta. My past work experiences include radio advertising sales, and flooring sales. I attended University of Manitoba for 3 years, before completing the Business Administration program at Red River College.

I have been in the brokerage industry since 1996, during which time my focus has been to keep abreast of each of our lenders rates, and products. With over 30 lending institutions available to consumers, the choices are almost endless and can be very confusing. My job is to sort through all of the different options, and help my clients decide which mortgage "fits" them best.

I pride myself in my ability to explain the mortgage process to my clients in a way that they can understand; sort through all of the options available, and give them the choice of the best products for their individual circumstances. Whether you are renewing, purchasing, or re-financing a home, I offer you unparalleled service and free unbiased advice about your options. Customer service is and always will be number one in my eyes, and I treat people the way I would want to be treated.

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