Tim Yuen

Mortgage Specialist

My name is Tim Yuen and I am a Mortgage Specialist with Castle Mortgage Group.

As Manitoba’s largest volume independent mortgage team, we have access to a growing number of chartered banks, credit unions, trust companies and private lenders.  My goal, as your Mortgage Advisor, is to make the mortgage process simple and clear.  I will find the best solutions that meet your unique needs.

Why?  Because I represent You!

As an entrepreneur and real estate investor, I have a unique combination of experience and skills to provide effective solutions to your lending needs.  I have worked many years providing business solutions to customers as an owner and operator of a printing and shipping franchise.  My financial literacy has allowed me to help others with their debts, and investment options.

If you are simply looking for the lowest rate, purchasing your 1st home, wanting to get money out of your existing home(s) for debts or investments, or even just needing a little more breathing room to relieve stress in life, I can assist you in achieving your goals.

Navigating through the mortgage experience can be stressful and difficult.  It will be my duty to help make your mortgage experience clear and stress free, so that you can feel confident to recommend me to friends and family.

Call or email me anytime today. I look forward to working with you.

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