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Andy Hildebrand

Mortgage Specialist


Hello, I’m Andy Hildebrand – Mortgage Specialist with Manitoba’s largest volume independent mortgage team.

Having owned a small business and learned many things about money management and all the facets of running a business, my journey had led me here.  I have a passion to help others save money, make well-informed decisions and achieve financial goals.

My mission is to help clients find a mortgage lender and a product with terms that work for them, keep more money in their pocket and put more towards other financial goals.

Unlike the banks and credit unions who only have their own products to sell, the Castle team has access to mortgage products from over 30 different lenders! This allows me to find the perfect mortgage for you and your family. Many of these Canadian mortgage lenders are not advertised like the regular banks and are only accessible through mortgage professionals like myself. I will not only secure you the best interest rate, but also the best payment options as well which will help you pay off your home at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Allow me to find the perfect mortgage product for you and your family! My services are free (except under special circumstances) and all questions are welcomed.

Please call me today directly at 204-362-0297!

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