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Steve Lang

Mortgage & Insurance Specialist

Hello, thanks for taking the time to read why I love being a mortgage broker and why I would love to work with you.

First off, my background is in finance having been with a big green bank for 8 years. I worked with families to create sound - low risk portfolios that would take them comfortably through retirement. When the proper life plan is in place, there is a great piece of mind that allows you to focus on life's other great enjoyments

On the credit side of the ledger, I will work very hard to do the same. A dream house is always what we strive for and I think the mortgage is a very important part of that life plan. I will help you understand credit and how it effects you and your ability to get financing.

As a husband and a father of two great boys, we absolutely love the house we live in. When my wife and I started looking for a home 14 years ago, we were small business owners and had to use a mortgage broker to help us with our options. It was a great experience and try to replicate it with all of my clients today.

Working at Castle Mortgage Group allows me to provide that experience. As one of the largest brokerage firms in Canada, we get preferred rates and dedicated underwriters who give excellent efficient service. We also offer an in-house lawyer and appraiser so there is priority for our clients to get the deal done on time and within your budget.

We work with many lenders who have the knowledge and experience to make the deal happen. Because I work for you, not any one lender, it means that you - the client - are the focus. The lenders will compete for your business and will fit the mortgage to the client, not the other way around.

Did I mention that our service is at no cost to you! No hidden fees or fine print. The lender pays us to introduce clients to them that they the can bid on. I love to be able to give my clients great service and not dread the question about fees and how much they will be. I love to say they are FREE! Yes, there are situations when there may be a fee but for the vast majority of homebuyers - it is free.

Let me help you get that first mortgage on the dream home or renew at the best rate in the market place today. I work with families and investors across this great country and will do what is needed to make, for most, the largest investment decision you will ever make smooth, comfortable and enjoyable.

Thank you for taking this time and I look forward to working to make your home your Castle.


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