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Ted Krestanowich

Mortgage Specialist BSc, FMA

I am a specialist at getting you the lowest mortgage interest rate with the best terms and conditions most suited to your personal needs.  By shopping the market Castle is able to save you time, money, and stress.

I can help first time homebuyers, mortgage renewals, mortgage refinancing, and home line of credit.  We also take pride in often being able to obtain funding for people with bruised credit who have been turned down by a financial institution.  Difficult situations can often be done quickly.  The impossible may take us a bit longer.

You shop before you make most purchases – car, flat screen TV, even groceries, so why would you not shop for your mortgage, probably the largest purchase you will ever make.  When you deal with me it’s like sitting down with 25 or so financial institutions and negotiating a mortgage.  The employee at the bank is working very hard to make the best deal for their company.  You should be working equally hard to make the best deal for you.  But there is a problem.  On one side of the negotiation is a large financial institution with years of experience and on the other side is you.  Who is working for you?

Castle has many years of experience.  We can help.  We can save you money.  We can explain exactly what is going on in clear language.  Knowledge is power.  You can decide on what is best for you based on knowledge.

You are thinking so what is this going to cost me?  Generally nothing.

As with house insurance or autopac, mortgage brokers are generally paid a finders fee when we introduce trustworthy dependable customers such as yourself to a financial institution.

The fees are quite standard and nearly industry wide so that the focus remains on you, the customer.

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