Luke Vandenberg

Mortgage Specialist


My name is Lucas (Luke) Vandenberg, and I’m a Mortgage Specialist with Manitoba’s largest volume independent mortgage brokerage, Castle Mortgage Group.

Having spent a number of years as a professional REALTOR, I have a great understanding of what people need when it comes to buying a home. I’ve also developed excellent customer care skills.

Whether it’s a new purchase, a refinance, or you’re simply looking for a second opinion, it’s my aim to provide you with the best possible mortgage package for you and your specific needs - not just the one that makes the bank the most money.

And that means we’ll look at rate, but also payment options, terms… the whole picture! 

We’ll take an in depth look at your current financial situation, as well as your financial, and home ownership goals, to make sure you get the product that’s right for you!

To achieve this, we can look at over 30 different lenders, and I’ll do the shopping foryou! While the big banks and credit unions can only offer you one or two products, I can open several doors that you may have never even heard of, as many don’t advertise to the public the same way.

I would be honoured to help you, and your family and friends, build a solid financial future by working alongside you to achieve your goals of homeownership!

I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to call me any time.

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