Darlene Martens

Residential Renewal Specialist

Darlene is our resident renewal specialist at the Castle Steinbach branch.

Having worked in renewal departments in the past for insurance brokerage companies, Darlene understands the pressure and expectations that can weigh heavy on a client when their mortgage comes up for renewal. It can be overwhelming to have a legally binding document in front of you with multiple options available and the risk of choosing which solution best fits your needs; not to mention that these agreements aren’t always written in the most comprehensive terms. 

This is where Darlene comes in, as she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the fine art of renewing your mortgage and ensuring that you receive the best rate and service from your lender!

Darlene also manages the Castle Mortgage Group Steinbach social media feeds. Her cheerful and outgoing nature is evident through the screen and even more so in person.

She truly cares about our clients and enjoys working with you to make the renewal process effortless – and maybe even fun!

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