Tori Schellenberg

Residential Underwriter

Prior to joining Castle Mortgage Group Steinbach, Tori worked in customer service and lending-related fields. She quickly found her footing in our office, and accelerated from her initial administrative assistant role to a full-fledged mortgage broker!

Tori is the point of contact for new and existing clients who wish to have a helping hand up into the vast and intimidating world of mortgages; she helps us (and you!) in gathering all the relevant paperwork we need for pre-approvals/approvals; she structures applications for the best chance of success; she helps you through the closing conditions prior to possession; and she manages to keep a level head while being a seriously stellar human.

Although Tori started her role at Castle to provide additional support to our office during an incredibly busy season, we were delighted to find that she fits right in with our office humour and wit as well. With her background in banking and customer service industries we were confident that Torie would be an exceptional addition to Castle Steinbach... and we have not been mistaken! We like her a lot, and we think you will too.

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